Hydraulic elevator/Hidrolik Lift

Hydraulic elevator:  flow strength

KOYO hydraulic elevator can be used as a passenger or freight elevator and it is a Hercules lifting in the building.

KOYO hydraulic elevator has no main machine in the top of shaft, which can reduce the dimensions of upper part of shaft and improve the elevator structural, so that you get rid of those related with building designs.

Rated load heavy, low noise, smooth acceleration and deceleration. Even in very difficult circumstances, they can achieve accurate stopping. Running speed can reach 1m/s, and the control system has the safety protection function. Maintenance is also simple and economic.

Alamat Kami:

PT. NIKISAE TORINDO PERDANA - Kontraktor Elevator & Escalator Indonesia
Head Office : Jalan Bhayangkara Raya No.73, Paku Jaya - Serpong Utara - Kota Tangerang Selatan
Banten - Indonesia 15324

Senin ~ Jumat : 08.00wib-17.00wib
Contact Person : Edy Purwanto
Mobile Phone : 0852 1966 2931 , 0812 8836 9098
Pin BBM : 5978A7D0
WhatsApp : 0857 1615 5606
WeChat : 0852 1966 2931
Email : info[at]hargalift.com / nikisaetorindoperdana[at]gmail.com

Brand Office : Perum Permata Garden Ngaliyan Kav. 56, Rt: 09 / Rw: III, Kel. Wates, Kec. Ngaliyan, Kota Semarang - Indonesia
Contact Person : Basuki
Mobile Phone : 0896 6775 1358 ; 0853 2957 1690
WhatsApp : 0853 2957 1690
Pin BBM : 57282B10
Email : marketing[at]hargalift.com


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